The Sister are ready to serve!

Grow the Faith in Columbus

Two parishes, one mission: 

The Sister are ready to serve!To spread the Word of God to the Greater Columbus Area through evangelization and education in the Holy Scriptures.

Our mission is to reach the many immigrants from Catholic countries in Central and South America who call Columbus, Ohio their home.

With your help we have opened two convents in the Diocese of Columbus and now have eight missionaries (six sisters and two priests) in the Diocese of Columbus.

But there’s so much more to be done: The New Evangelization is alive and well in Columbus, Ohio – and the Missionary Servants of the Word are making it spread. Help support their work as they bring the light of the Gospel to the many people who have fallen away from their faith. Help them bring new hope and joy to those who think God has abandoned them.

Help us spread the Gospel of Joy in Columbus!


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Two Parishes – One Mission: Grow the Faith in Columbus!